Pepperplate: Favorite recipe organizer


Since I started baking and cooking, I’ve always wanted a good recipe organization system (I’m a neat freak, in case you didn’t know). Recipe books, cards and digital documents don’t work the way I want. The good news is, I finally found the perfect recipe organizer. So, what makes it so special?

  1. It is well designed. I love the typography, color palette and the layout.
  2. It’s easy to add new recipes on the web. Using the Pepperplate bookmark, you can add a recipe automatically or manually add the information in a small pop up window (It’s super easy).
  3. You get a view of all the recipe titles along with their images.
  4. Recipes sync automatically. Includes web, tablet and phone (Apple & Android).
  5. Now they’re all in one place.
  6. The number of recipes you can add is endless.
  7. There’s a shopping list.
  8. It has a weekly meal planner.
  9. There’s a scale feature, it automatically calculates the servings size you need.
  10. You can always go back, edit and add notes.



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