Favorite Tea Brands

Over the past few years I’ve grown to love tea. I really appreciate and enjoy different blends of herbs and spices. I also really believe in their healing powers, whether it’s calming, detoxification, etc. Some of my faovirte tea brands are:

Clipper – I love their Sleep Easy Infusion tea. Where to Find: Lulu Hypermarket

Dr. Stuart’s -I’ve got to mention I love their package design with the humorous/surreal illustrations. The tea I like the most is their Skin Purify tea. Where to Find: Lulu Hypermarket

Teapigs – I really love their teabags, they’re pretty transparent so you can literally see the herbs. Out of the ones I’ve tried, their Chai Tea is my favorite. Where to Find: Ripe Market & Ripe Market Online

Pukka – A big selection of tea blends, some include: Vanilla Chai, Detox, Relax, Elegant English Breakfast, Mint Refresh, etc. Where to Find: Soil Store; Yas Mall & Soil Store Online

Yogi Tea – This is my ultimate favorite. They havae 45+ blends and they range from spice teas, herbal teas, healing remedial tea blends, etc. Where to Find: Organicfoodsandcafe

*Kindly share if you find any of these teas at any other locations.


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