George Bahgory exhibition

I visited the Lasting Impressions: Bahgory exhibition at the Sharjah Art Museum last week. George Bahgory is an Egyptian-French artist, painter, sculptor, caricaturist and political cartoonist. The exhibition displayed over 90 pieces of his work, they were divided into different periods of his life.

Although I’m not usually into this style, I found myself smiling at many of his paintings. Other times I was lost gazing at the work. I’m sharing a few photographs of his work to give you a glimpse, but wouldn’t add more. Photographs of his work can never do its justice, its just much more fascinating in real life.


This painting (below) is called “People of Egypt”.



This one (below) is a self portrait.


The exhibition is open till December 31st 2015 so if you’re around and into this, I recommend you give it a visit.

Location: Sharjah Art Museum



Wallpapers 01: Faith

Final Desktop Wallpaper BLOGRemember when I was experimenting with watercolor a few weeks ago? Well, I had this idea of making a wallpaper with a favorite quote or Quran verse. As usual, I kept putting it off until today. I finally told myself “Enough excuses. Just do it, it doesn’t have to perfect”. I chose this verse* especially because its such a soothing reminder that God has the power to make things work out, if we have enough faith in Him. Which is a reminder I need at the moment. Download the desktop version here and the iPhone version here.

Also right while I’m writing this post, I’m being yelled at by my friend -again- for putting off studio work. Minutes later, we were both casually chatting over typewriter and Didot fonts. Can you blame me, Fatima?Quote - Macbook Mockup(2)