Designer’s Tools: Color

Color Theory for Designers: How To Create Your Own Color Schemes

Coolors – Color scheme generator

Colllor – Another color scheme generator

Guideline Color – A reference for social media (and other brands) primary colors

Color Thief – Upload an image and it generates the color scheme

Html Color Codes 

RGB TO – Color code converter

Color Scheme References/Examples

Design Seeds

24 Flat Designs with Compelling Color Palettes

Website Color Schemes: The Palettes of 50 Visually Impactful Websites to Inspire You

50 Beautiful Color Palettes for Your Next Web Project

Trendy Web Color Palettes and Material Design Color Schemes & Tools

Color Hunt


This Week’s Favorites #3

I Only Knew Love – Song

Golden Latte – Recipe
I’ve been making this latte more often the past week; I especially love having it in the evenings. Also, the many health benefits of turmeric are a plus (Google it).

Cairo – Bilingual Typeface
I’m all for well-designed bilingual typefaces (Ar/En). I often get excited about finding new ones and using them.

ActionableBooks – Website
I was doing research when I came across this website. It has a good collection of self help book summaries. I am so glad I found this for two reasons: I have a long, long, long list of books I want to read and I want more nuggets of wisdom in less time; and I need a good quick reminder of the ideas in the books that I’ve already read. A few of the first book summaries I went through: Creative Confidence, The Creative Habit, Big Magic, War of Art, Grit, etc.

Typography Tutorial

This Week’s Favorites #2


Figs & Olives
I’ve mentioned this on Instagram but it’s adding in my favorites. I recently read about the medicinal benefits of figs and olives. I wondered how they would taste together and I gave it a try. It is an interesting combination! If you like sour and sweet, you’ve got to give this a go.

Coolors – Website
When I’m working on a new design project, one of the basic things it choosing the color palette. I recently found this color schemes generator, it’s super easy to use. You can generate your own or browse ready-made palettes.

iOS 10 Update
I love the new layouts, typography updates, keyboard & lock sounds, interface animations and bedtime feature.

Quote: God loves us because who God is, not because who we are.
I was flipping through a book I’ve previously read, God Never Blinks, when I read this quote. The book is collection of 50 life lessons the author has went through. She goes over spirituality, self growth, positivity… etc.

Bilal – Movie
For some reason, I wasn’t so excited to go watch the movie but then a few people highly recommeneded it. The movie is “produced by hundreds of international animators at the Middle East’s largest animation studios, Barajoun Entertainment”. It is “based on the life of the historical figure Bilal Ibn Rabah, an African slave who became one of the early followers of the Prophet Muhammad, Bilal is a grand-scale, fast-paced animated adaptation that is both empowering and inspiring in its call for social justice and equality. […] Religion aside, it is a strong story well told that creates plenty of emotional momentum”. The theme I related to the most is inner-freedom and getting rid of self-restraints. I highly recommend the movie and I’m definitely watching it again.

NameChanger – Application
I love everything organization and minimalism. One thing that I still haven’t got to, is organizing my digital photos files. It’s always been, well, not super organized. I finally found an easy-to-use software that renames files in batches.

Ten Great Books on Creative Work

big magic: cover

Being a “creative person” is not easy. With all the passion, excitement and ambition you could have for your creative career/hobby, it brings along quite a few challenges. When I started Visual Communication in 2013, I was confused. I still remember the day I was questioning myself; why was I not super motivated to do my best work even though I was so passionate about it. I still got into mental blocks, often lacked motivation and was sometimes desperate for inspiration.

So I made a conscious effort to research and understand how to overcome creative blocks, maintain motivation and find inspiration. I wish I knew back then what I do today, but I’m still ever so grateful for the whole process. I thought I’d share some of the best books that have helped me understand creativity more in depth. The first ebook is the best place to get started. It’s a free 36 page eBook and I think the author has done a great job introducing some of the most essential concepts a creative person needs to learn. Needless to say, each and every book listed below is a gem.

1. Mastering Creativity
2. Big Magic
3. The War of Art
4. The Creative Habit
5. Creative Confidence
6. Show Your Work
7. Steal Like an Artist
8. Daily Rituals
9. Script magic
10. Very Good Lives

Click on the titles for a summary, reviews and ratings on Goodreads.

Typography: Introduction

This is a new blog series I’m starting. I’m going to post online introduction to typography guides, type games, recommended sites, books, blogs and articles. If you want to learn more about design but still almost know nothing about typography, then these three videos are a great introduction. The later two are actually the same ones I watched in 2010 (when I first learnt about typography, in high school) and I couldn’t find a better collection.

1. The history of typography

2. Introduction to typography one

3. Introduction to typography two

4. An introduction to typeface anatomy

5. Typography that works

Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 4.15.01 PM

If you want to learn more or if you’re looking for more advanced guides, then watch out for the online guides to typography I’m going to post soon.