Book Quotes: Make it Happen: Surrender Your Fear. Take the Leap. Live On Purpose.

I’ve been hesistant whether to switch back to audiobooks and whether a self growth audiobook would work for me (since my self growth books are usually full of highlights, underlines and post its). Long story short, I tried it and I’m a convert. I enjoyed listening to Make it Happen by Lara Casey, saved many bookmarks and took a ton of notes along the way.


The beautiful paradox about failure is that failure will get you further than fear. Failure has the potential to guide us to be better. To summon our strength and push us forward with greater determination. You will learn from your failures more than you will ever learn from your successes.

How you spend your time is how you spend your life.

Thank God for his unconditional love and comfort for you, although your lack of acknowledgment.

Don’t just pray for what is logical and possible. Pray for what seems to be impossible.

Whatever you’re going through right now, if it’s humbling you and making you pray… it’s for a good reason.

Wherever your attention is focused, your heart will follow. If you heart is constantly divided, how can what matters take root into rich soil? Your attention is either at one thing or the other.

Commit to daily tending!!! Break each goal into something you can do every day. It will all add up. Build your everyday into making things happen. How will what you do every day build into your annual goals?

You don’t have to put a time limit for your goals. Prioritize quality over quantity.


Favorite Self Growth Books

Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear
Daily Rituals: How Artists Work
Discovering Your Soul Signature
Eat That Frog!: 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time
Focus: A Simplicity Manifesto in the Age of Distraction
God Never Blinks: 50 Lessons for Life’s Little Detours
Mastering Your Mean Girl: The No-BS Guide to Silencing Your Inner Critic and Becoming Wildly Wealthy, Fabulously Healthy, and Bursting with Love
Make it Happen: Surrender Your Fear. Take the Leap. Live On Purpose.
Manage Your Day-to-Day: Build Your Routine, Find Your Focus, and Sharpen Your Creative Mind
Steal Like an Artist: 10 Things Nobody Told You About Being Creative
The Power of Positive Thinking
The Power of Your Subconscious Mind
The Rumi Daybook
The Secret
The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks & Win Your Inner Creative Battles
What I Know For Sure
You Can Heal Your Life

Favorite Essential Oils

If you’re newly into essential oils or want to try them out, I recommend these for starters. They’re very multi functional and highly effective, I like to call them nature’s medicine.

Lavender – Helpful for sleep/insomnia, acne scars, acne, mood boost, confidence, anxiety relief, burn relief, cuts, headache relief, nausea, inflammation, skincare, etc.

Tea Tree – Helpful for blemishes, cough/colds, fungus, other skin concerns, cuts/wounds, household cleaner, etc.

Grapefruit – Helpful for mood boosting, antibacterial, stress relief, circulation and muscle pain relief, skincare, etc.

If you want to learn more, these are great references: Dr. Axe’s Essential Oils Guide and 101 Essential Oil Uses & Benefits

Designer’s References: Color


Coolors – Color scheme generator
Guideline Color – A reference for social media (and other brands) primary colors
Color Thief – Upload an image and it generates the color scheme
Html Color Codes
RGB TO – Color code converter
The Day’s Color
Color Hunt


Trendy Web Color Palettes and Material Design Color Schemes & Tools
24 Flat Designs with Compelling Color Palettes
50 Beautiful Color Palettes for Your Next Web Project
Website Color Schemes: The Palettes of 50 Visually Impactful Websites to Inspire You


Less Is More: Limited Colour Graphics in Design
Palette 01: Black & White – New Monochrome Graphics
Palette 02: Multicolour – New Rainbow-Hued Graphics
Palette 03: Gold & Silver
Palette: 04: Neon – New Fluorescent Graphics
Palette: 05: Pastel – New Light-Toned Graphic
Palette 06 – Transparent: Translucency in Design
Palette 07: Monotone: New Single-Colour Designs

Favorite Documentaries

Abstract: The Art of Design
Chef’s Table
Colombia: Wild Magic
(Dis)Honesty: The Truth About Lies
Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead
Fed Up
Food Matters
Forks Over Knives
Hungry for Change
Life, Animated
Living on One Dollar
Moving Art
Steve Jobs: The Billion Dollar Hippy
Tales by Light
The Human Experiment
The Kids Menu
The Secret
Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru
You Can Heal Your Life