Designer’s Tools

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This is a list of my top go-to’s when I’m looking for visual inspiration, fonts or color palettes. A few of my studio buddies found them handy when I suggested them. So I thought I’d start a list and update it every once in a while. Enjoy!

Pinterest – This is where I go to for inspiration when I’m designing a catalog, poster, info-graphic and whatnot. These are my inspiration boards, too.

Font Squirrel – Free great fonts.

Design Seeds – Ready color palettes, I tend to find their link on Pinterest more practical.

Adobe Color CC – This tool allows you to combine new color palettes and also has some ready combinations to choose from.

Design tools – This iPhone application has a color converter, paper sizes and a unit converter.

Ten favorite books of 2014

This is a quick list of the books I enjoyed most in 2014. I linked to each book’s page on Goodreads in case you’re interested in checking them out.

1. Animal Farm
2. Show Your Work
3. Type Matters
4. The Book Thief
5. Divergent Trilogy
6. We Were Liars
7. The Willpower Instinct
8. حبيبتي بكماء
9. Gone girl
10. Discovering Your Soul Signature

Nine apps I use to keep organized


I’m not a paper and pencil person, at least not anymore. (And I’m also an organization freak) So an iPad comes really handy when organizing my tasks, time, documents, and notes. And since we’re all back to university (or school), I ‘m sharing my favorite productivity apps.

1. Clear or Wunderlist*
2. Sunrise*
3. Box* or Documents
4. Blackboard*
5. Evernote*
6. Pages
7. Notability
8. Quizlet*
9. Mindjot

*Android version

Two secrets of irresistible cookies


Since I got into baking (in 2009), I’ve been into a lot of “cookie” experiments (including three this summer). Some were from scratch, others were ready-dough. Yet, I never really got it right (I always got tough cookies). I tried asking for the secret, but you know how some bakers are, (selfish, not so helpful). Anyhow, this summer, I finally got the deal. Everyone at home really loved them. (And I almost had half the cookie dough). Of course, I have to give credit to Lauren Vitale from Youtube for spilling out the secret.

The Two secrets of Irresistible Cookies:

  1. Do not over mix. Once you don’t see flour, stop. That’s it. Not one second more of mixing. I’m serious.
  2. Bake less than you think its done. It has to be very soft in the middle. (Poking with a toothpick doesn’t help telling if its ready). So just when the edges start to get golden/brownish, that’s it. Miraculously, the cooling does the rest of the baking (Wow, right?).

That’s it! It’s all yours to go try out. Enjoy!