Health Inspiration: Documentaries

A few years back I started taking small steps towards eating healthier. Some included cutting soft drinks, fast food, avoiding wheat products and having more veggies. Still, I felt like that wasn’t enough. So last year, I made it a goal/decision to learn how to eat healthy and I have finally arrived to a point where I’m happy with what I’ve learnt. So I thought it would be nice to share some of my inspiration with you.

  1. Hungry for change
  2. Fed up
  3. Forks over knives
  4. Fat, sick and nearly dead
  5. Fat, sick and nearly dead 2

Health Inspiration: YouTube channels

While learning more about food and health, I came across I few Youtube channels that have been of great inspiration. Some including green juices, oil pulling, superfoods, eating vegan, delicious recipes, and loads of tips.

  1. Fit Life TV
  2. Holistic Habits
  3. Cam & Nina
  4. Jessica Sepel
  5. The Domestic Geek